«Florusin» — perfumery compositions and odorants

A Russian-French joint enterprise «Florusin» has acquired a good reputation during ten years of its existence on the Russian market. «Florusin» has an exclusive right to distribute products of the French company «Floressence», which has been producing original odorants, essential oils, perfume compositions and a variety of fragrances since 1986. The components manufactured by «Floressence» can be found in products of the companies known worldwide. Currently, more than two hundred Russian companies use «Floressence» products. The company urges all manufacturers of cosmetics and household chemicals to purchase its odorants.

Why do our clients choose «Florusin»?

We are proud to offer our clients real European quality products. It is well known that some manufacturers of cosmetics and household chemicals, seeking to save money, use components, which are produced in primitive unprofessional conditions and thus have very questionable quality. Meanwhile, our clients are those companies that give preference to fixed returns instead of momentary profits.

Our perfume compositions and odorants are made according to the original recipes and in compliance with all the necessary technologies. We take into account all the details and nuances. It is well known that odorants should be in harmony with other ingredients of a finished product; therefore, we do everything within our powers to prevent the undesirable dissonance.

We carefully monitor global fashion trends and always offer the most popular fragrances. «Florusin» is in constant creative search. Any of your fantasies and desires for a particular fragrance will be satisfied; and your products will get a completely unique aroma.

We take care of our clients health. Permanent control over the production and usage of our modern equipment allows us to achieve complete ecological safety. We are proud that our odorants are included into the ingredients of many hypoallergenic personal care products and make-up.

Where can «Florusin» products be used?

«Florusin» products are used in the manufacture of such items as:

  • air fresheners and purifiers (sprays, oil burners, aerosols, scented candles and sticks);
  • household chemicals (various detergents, washing powders, fabric softeners, bleaches and so on);
  • perfumery (lotions, perfumes, colognes for men, women, children and adults);
  • personal hygiene items (soaps, bubble baths, shower gels, all kinds of creams, shaving gels, etc.);
  • make-up (blushers, lipsticks, mascaras, powders, etc.);
  • car care products;
  • mosquito and other insect repellants.

Thus, our regular partners are those companies which specialize in manufacturing all of the above-listed products. We noticed that almost all of our partners share some common characteristics, which are - concern about their image, aiming for the future, desire to produce original products of high quality and desire to attract and retain their customers. «Florusin» does everything to contribute to the aspirations of its partners.

We make great efforts to ensure that the number of our customers steadily increases; and our efforts are not wasted, because we sell popular products, the highest quality of which makes us justly proud. We do not just sell odorants and perfume compositions; we strive to make the world a better smelling place.