«Florusin» — official representative of the perfume company «Floressence»

«Floressence» is one of the leading perfume manufacturers in France. A rich palette of fragrances, essential oils, and odorants produced by the company allows to create almost any composition imaginable. Today this brand is the property of «Orgasynth» concern. Huge investments aimed at expansion of production facilities and equipment modernization enabled «Floressence» to become one of the leaders on the French perfume market.

High quality and vast range of fragrances and odorants became the key to the successful collaboration of «Floressence» with other perfume and cosmetic companies, including L`Oreal, Jean Patou, Rochas, Shiseido and many more. In the year 2000 the French company «Floressence» entered our domestic market by establishing a joint French-Russian venture.

«Florusin» — exclusive representative and distributor of Floressence

«Florusin» is an official representative of the French perfume concern in Russia, as well as in some countries of CIS, which enables it to offer particularly favorable conditions for collaboration. Today the distribution of any fragrance product line manufactured by «Floressence» is possible. These may be alcohol-based fragrances for compositions of perfumes, Cologne waters for men, women, teenagers and even children. In addition to that, «Florusin» provides delivery of perfumed odorants to enterprises engaged in production of hygienic and cleaning products. The company also distributes a wide range of essential oils and additives for aromatherapy products.

«Floressence» — good quality and high safety standards

Modern high-tech equipment installed by «Floressence» allows to achieve high accuracy when creating compositions for any bases - alcohol, acid or alkaline. Perfume products distributed by the company undergo special quality control and meet strict European standards ISO 9001-2000. All marketed perfume compositions and cosmetic odorants do not cause any allergies and are absolutely safe including cosmetic lines for children.

«Florusin» — awards and achievements

«Florusin» is the official exclusive representative of the French cosmetic concern «Orgasynth», and «Floressence» is one of its brands. The most popular cosmetic odorants and perfume compositions used for product aromatization in many countries around the world are available under this brand. «Florusin» presents «Floressence» products in Russia. Since the year 2000, when «Florusin» was founded as a joint French-Russian enterprise, more than 200 large companies producing cosmetics, makeup, perfumes and hygiene products have become its clients.

Work and development priorities for «Florusin»

As the official representative and distributor of the French company «Floressence», «Florusin» does everything within its powers to provide the best perfumed and aromatic products at reasonable prices. Our clients have an opportunity to appreciate the high quality of odorants and additives that complies with European standards ISO 9001. All distributed products are safe, environmentally friendly and do not cause allergies.