«Florusin» products — superb and unique odorants and perfume compositions

Manufacturers of household chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes and personal hygiene products have first-hand knowledge of odorants. They are the most important components of their products, which are designed to enhance the attractiveness of the goods in the eyes of the consumer. Perfume and cosmetic industry cannot go without such raw materials as odorants.

In the first place, the company`s products are intended for the perfume and cosmetic industry and used in the production of:

  • perfumes (both alcohol-containing and non alcohol-containing) — lines for men, women, teenagers, children, and mothers-to-be;
  • air fresheners — aerosols, sprays, electric fresheners, oil burners, scented candles, car fresheners, odor absorbents, sachets and dried flowers;
  • household chemicals — detergents and cleansers for different surfaces, solutions and powders for washing, rinses and conditioners, disposable towels, paper products, toilet paper, window wipers, oxygen and chlorine bleaches, disinfectants, technical liquids, mosquito and other insect repellents;
  • personal hygiene products — shampoos, hair conditioners, shower gels, bath foams, bath salts, toilet and liquid soaps, wipes, toothpastes and mouthwashes, hygiene products for children, and feminine hygiene products;
  • cosmetics — face, body, arm, leg care products; makeup removers, men care products, shaving foams, sunscreens, fitness creams, roll-on deodorants, hair styling products, baby care products, lip glosses and balms, lipsticks and other types of make-up;
  • products with complex bases — hair dyes, hair perm products, nail polish removers, professional chemicals, car chemicals, products of acidic and alkaline medium, chlorine products.

What is an odorant?

An odorant is a specially designed fragrance composition. Sometimes odorants are also called aromatizers. There are food odorants and odorants for soaps, perfumes and household products.

Why are odorants necessary?

  • Odorants give a pleasant smell to a product. Quality perfume odorants promote involuntary evaluation of the product fragrance by a potential buyer as pleasant and desirable to him; and this often becomes the decisive factor in purchasing of this particular product.
  • Odorants disguise unpleasant smells. In particular it applies to hair dyes and hair perms, car care products, as well as products, which include chlorine, acetone and other substances with a sharp and unpleasant smell in their compositions. Well-chosen odorants for household chemicals disguise all traces of repulsive smells.
  • Odorants can also serve as preservatives, protecting products from molding.

The products of the Russian-French enterprise «Florusin» have undeniable advantages, which differentiate them from similar products on the market.

What are the advantages of «Florusin» products?

  • Highest quality, which is guaranteed by company`s experience, numerous developments and impeccable professionalism. When developing perfume odorants, the company makes sure that they are in perfect harmony with other ingredients of the product for which they are intended.
  • A diverse range of products. «Florusin» uses a variety of components, ensuring that each product has its own special fragrance.
  • Individual approach. At the request of a client any odorant can be improved, as well as a unique fragrance that can become your trademark can be created.
  • Compliance with all health and safety standards. Thus, «Florusin» odorants for soaps and household chemicals are completely safe for humans and animals.
  • Being hypoallergenic. The company is striving to ensure that its products do not cause allergic reactions in adults as well as in children. Apart from that, the raw materials for its cosmetic products are tested on the subject of causing mucous membrane irritation. This is especially true for products such as mascaras, shampoos, shower gels and many others.

«Florusin» products are widely used in manufacturing a variety of air fresheners - from aerosols and smell absorbents to aromatic candles and aroma lamps. «Florusin» shampoo and soap odorants add extraordinary appeal to such personal hygiene products as shower gels, bath salts, soaps, feminine hygiene products, shampoos and so on.

Magnificent perfume compositions, which have real French quality, serve as excellent ingredients for perfumes, colognes and other fragrance products for men, women and children. Raw materials produced by the company are included into the ingredients of various creams, makeup products, deodorants, lipsticks, shaving foams and gels, etc.

Household chemicals should also be mentioned in this respect. Adding «Florusin» odorants to them makes these indispensable products not only functional but also pleasant to use. «Florusin» products stand for quality, safety and inspiration.